Car Diffuser

Salted Bliss

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Car Diffuser

These car diffusers will have your car smelling fresh and zesty! Made with 100% pure essential oils and no nasties. Fill your car with the scent of fresh citrus essential oils.

Choose from Lemongrass or Citrus Bliss which contains Lemongrass Essential Oil.

Instructions: Remove cap and then put the wooden lid on and shake to ensure the oil socks into the wood. Keep the diffuser upright or oil will leak out of it. Will last for approximately 4  months. Hang from india dot handle

  • Warning: do not allow oil to spill onto car interior as may damage surface.
  • Keep out of reach from children.
  • Hand it from wind screen wiper handle. Do not hand from rear vision mirror as it can be a distraction when driving.

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