Amore Essential Oil Perfume

Salted Bliss

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Amore Essential Oil Perfume

AMORE Essential Oil Perfume is a romantic blend of Rose, Sandalwood and Patchouli Pure Essential Oils. The sweet floral aroma of Rose Essential Oil combined with the rich woody scent of Sandalwood Essential Oil can help  to install calmness and positivity. Combined with sweet Patchouli Essential Oil which can have a grounding and balancing effect on emotions. This intention of this fragrance is to encourage love of self and others. It is suitable for both women and men and  the perfect size to carry in your hand bag or man bag.

To Use: Apply to wrists and neck as required.


  • Apricot Kernel Oil
  • Rose Essential Oil
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil
  • Patchouli  Essential Oil
  • Dried Rose Petals
  • Dried Lavender Flowers


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